serving adults referred by Colorado County Adult Probation 

                                                            Program Director: vacant
                                                                  Counselor: vacant


The Relapse Prevention Group (RPG)  is an open (participants rotate in & out) group setting format which helps adults focus on areas in their lives which may be in need of change or strengthening. Persons attending this group have recently completed a residential treatment program & have returned to the community. AfterCare provides the support necessary for them to apply new skills & thinking patterns learned while in treatment. Support during this time is vital to their ability to remain clean & sober and to have the best chance of obtaining long term sobriety. This program is only available in our Columbus office & persons must be referred by Colorado County Adult Probation Department.




                     Drug/Alcohol Assessment & Individual Counseling

                                                                                 serving the youth (11+) and adults

                                                                  Program Director: vacant
                                                                      Counselor: vacant


Screening and Assessment Services are offered to those persons or families who may be experiencing a problem with drugs and alcohol.


Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors provide this service to the general public.

All client information is confidential.


 Services available:


Telephone Screening

The counselor provides initial information for callers to help them identify their needs and next step appropriate to meeting those needs. No charge for this service.


In-Person Problem Identification Assessment & Evaluation $65.00 (one time service, one time fee)

Appointments are made to evaluate and diagnose  the extent of alcohol, drug or related problems. When appropriate, referral information is given to the client at the conclusion of the assessment. Referrals may include residential treatment resources, supportive out-patient treatment information or other services which might be beneficial to the client. This is a service which requires 1 appointment of approximately 2 hours in length. Appointments are made for persons either in our Columbus, Sealy or LaGrange office.  There is a one time fee of $65.00 which must be paid in advance of the appointment. The $65.00 fee is payable by money order only. To schedule an assessment: Mail the money order made out to Youth & Family Services, 514 Washington St., Columbus, Texas 78934. Inside the envelope with the money order please include the following: the persons name who needs the assessment, the mailing address of this person as well as a day time phone number. When we receive this we will send a letter with the date, time & location of the appointment. Appointments will be scheduled in the YFS office closest to the mailing address included with the money order. Once monies are received there are no refunds and appointments are not re-scheduled. The only reason an appointment is re-scheduled without additional payment is: the person who needs the assessment is ill or there was a death in the immediate family. Verifiable documentation must be produced prior to another appointment being scheduled without an additional fee. You may also call and speak with one of our Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors to discuss either your situation or that of a loved one. All information is confidential.

Individual Counseling

The purpose is to educate the client regarding chemical dependency issues and support their achieving or maintaining abstinence. There is a fee for this service of $65.00 per hour. Sliding scale fees are available for this service for those who meet the guidelines.


Referral and Placement

Counselors assist individuals and families in accessing the most appropriate resources for their needs and aid them in the process of entry and admission to services. No charge for this service.