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  How Can You Tell When You or Your Child Need Help?

A Checklist for You

A Checklist for Your Child

  • Do you find yourself depleted & overwhelmed  around your children most of the time?

  • Do you & your partner disagree or fight primarily about the children?

  • Do you feel your children are not living up to your expectations or turning out the way you imagined?

  • Most of the time, do you feel that being a parent is a joyless or thankless task?

  • Do you find yourself losing your temper when you're around your children? Do you scream at them or hit them?

  • Do you look for every opportunity to spend time away from your kids?

  • Do you feel anxious when you're with your children & imagine all the bad things that could happen to them? Do you feel this way most of the time? Do you feel this way when you are with them, as well as when you're not?

  • Are you & your partner struggling with your relationship & contemplating a separation? Have you just separated or divorced your partner?

  • Do you use alcohol or other drugs to feel better or deal with problems? Does your partner? Do your children know that you use substance in this way?

  • Are you, or your partner, or someone close to you seriously ill, or are most of your emotional & physical energies centered around this serious illness?

  • Does your child have a serious & consistent problem with eating or sleeping?

  • Has there been any substantial change for the worse in your child's behavior?

  • Has your child's mood seemed consistently sad or blue?

  • Has your child seemed anxious, nervous, fearful, or phobic for some time?

  • Is your child repeatedly being awakened by nightmares or night terrors?

  • Has your child's school performance consistently deterioratated? Does your child have trouble with school work?

  • Has your child had a number of bewildering & disturbing accidents over a short period of time?

  • Has your child been expelled from school, assigned to an alternative campus like DAEP, AEP or had to attend ISS (in school suspension or detention)?

  • Has your child runaway or threatened to runaway? Has your child been sneaking out of the house?

  • Has your child been involved with the police department or juvenile probation department?

  • Has your child been skipping school or have you been threatened with being ticketed for your child's lack of school attendance?

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