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What kids said...

What parents said...



Below are some comments from youth (10+) who  received FAYS services in the past year:


My favorite activity was....


"talking, discussing."


"coloring & drawing"


"everything we did."


"stress management."


"just having someone to talk to."


"just sitting & talking."


"getting things off my mind."


"having someone to talk to about my feelings."

"talking about what happened during the week."


"being able to talk to someone."


"to talk to someone about how I feel & about my personal life."




"home visits."


"talking at school; talking about the positive things in life."


"writing about my problems and how my day was."


When asked "What suggestions do you  have to make the program better?  Youth responses included:


"more time in counseling."


"it is OK the way it is."


"nothing, it's better already."










Below are some comments from Parents/Caregivers who participated in family sessions in the past year:


What I liked most about the FAYS program was....


"the help he got with the one on one communication."


"it helped me & my child communicate."


"they understand you."


"it helped my sons coping skills."


"gives my daughter someone to talk to."


"how services are given, she feels better about herself."


"the help I received for my son, he has improved."


"because I did not have transportation, the staff's openess."


"that someone listens; the home visits."


"the staff listened to both me & my child & were unbiased."


"they took the time to listen to both of us; they listened to the problems."


"I can come & express my opinion & not be judged."


"my child behaves better."


"it is very important to me because I am not able to pay for it."


"the program did so good for my daughter, it connects so easy to my daughters needs & her feelings."


When Parents/Caregivers were asked what improvements they would suggest for the FAYS program, following are some of the comments:


"extended time for counseling."


"very good program."


"this was the second time in the program; no complaints."


"just keep doing what you are doing."


"would recommend to someone else."


"none, doing really well."




Youth & Family Services strives to provide quality services to those who participate in any of our services. We have the opportunity to receive feedback from those who have participated in FAYS services, both adults & youth 10+. We value this information as it provides an opportunity for us to continue to improve our service delivery. The overall satisfaction rate reported on the Parent Surveys is very positive. Parents report a 94% satisfaction rate with the services they received thru our FAYS Family Program. Youth (age 10+) reflected a 92% overall satisfaction rate with the individual & family counseling services they received. Youth (10+) are asked to give the FAYS program a "grade" ranging from an "A" (7.0), "B" (5.0)-"F" (1.0). The youth who participated in FAYS sessions graded the services at 6.27 which equates to a high "B" or a low "A". YFS is most pleased with the "grade" received by the youth we serve. We strive to approach youth in a non-authoritative manner which allows the Family Support Specialist (FSS) to guide the youth to better decision making.






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